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Some of the best and notable documentaries from the fields of mental health, psychedelic medicine and the science driving their inevitable resurgence.

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These top picks on YouTube offer a understanding of mind-altering experiences, scientific studies, and ancient wisdom, providing an expansive and unforgettable visual journey into the world of psychedelics.


Fantastic Fungi (2019)

This documentary delves into the world of mushrooms and explores their ecological and healing potentials. It discusses the role of psilocybin mushrooms and features interviews with experts in the field.

Fantastic Fungi (2019) ⭐ 7.4 | Documentary
1h 21m | 9

The Sunshine Makers (2015)

This documentary follows the fascinating story of two underground chemists, Nick Sand and Tim Scully, who manufactured massive amounts of LSD in the 1960s. It provides insights into the history and cultural impact of psychedelics.

The Sunshine Makers (2015) ⭐ 7.0 | Documentary, History
1h 41m

DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010)

Based on the book by Dr. Rick Strassman, this documentary explores the effects and experiences associated with the powerful psychedelic compound DMT. It includes interviews with individuals who have undergone DMT-assisted therapy.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) ⭐ 7.1 | Documentary
1h 15m | Not Rated

Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (2013)

This documentary offers an exploration of the historical and current scientific research surrounding psychedelics. It covers topics such as their potential therapeutic uses and societal implications.

Neurons to Nirvana (2013) ⭐ 7.6 | Documentary, History, News
1h 25m

A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin (2015)

This documentary focuses on the clinical research conducted at Johns Hopkins University, exploring the therapeutic potential of psilocybin in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and addiction.

A New Understanding: Science of Psilocybin (2015) ⭐ 8.1 | Documentary

Magic Medicine (2018)

This documentary follows a group of patients in the United Kingdom as they undergo psilocybin-assisted therapy for treatment-resistant depression. It provides insights into the process and potential outcomes of psychedelic therapy.

Magic Medicine (2018) ⭐ 7.1 | Documentary
1h 19m

The Reality of Truth (2016)

This documentary explores the role of psychedelics in spiritual awakening and personal transformation. It features interviews with spiritual leaders, cultural icons, and scientists discussing the use of psychedelics for healing and growth.

The Reality of Truth (2016) ⭐ 6.2 | Documentary
1h 24m | PG

Dosed: The Trip of a Lifetime (2022)

In a remarkable turn of events, a compassionate mother is granted legal access to utilize medical magic mushrooms. With this newfound opportunity, she embarks on a courageous and deeply personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Driven by the hope of finding potential cures for cancer, she fearlessly explores the transformative powers of magic mushrooms. This inspiring story showcases the unwavering love of a mother and her relentless pursuit of healing and wellness.

Dosed: The Trip of a Lifetime (2022) ⭐ 8.4 | Documentary
1h 26m

From Shock to Awe (2019)

“From Shock to Awe” offers an intimate and transformative journey as two combat veterans abandon pharmaceuticals for psychedelic healing, exploring the potential of these substances to heal PTSD. The film also raises critical questions about war, the pharmaceutical industry, and the legal system.

From Shock to Awe (2019) ⭐ 8.3 | Documentary, War
1h 27m | R

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (2020)

“Have a Good Trip” is a unique blend of comedy and in-depth exploration into the world of psychedelics. This documentary dives into the pros, cons, scientific aspects, historical context, future implications, pop cultural impact, and even the cosmic possibilities of hallucinogens. With a humorous touch, it takes viewers on a captivating journey that sheds light on various facets of psychedelics.

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (2020) ⭐ 6.8 | Documentary, Comedy
1h 25m | 16