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Asim's Three Core Priorities (3CP)

The 3CP framework is a personal guide to prioritizing what matters most in life, helping me stay aligned with my values and aspirations year after year.

The 3CP framework helps me identify and prioritize the three things I value most in life, both now and in the future. These priorities reflect what truly matters to me in order of importance. They are specific and fundamental to my existence, rooted in past learnings, and will positively serve me in continuing to become the person I aspire to be. I revisit these priorities at least once a year on my birthday to ensure they remain relevant and meaningful.

Health & Fitness: My Foundation

At the forefront is my health — mental, physical, and spiritual. I envision a life where I consistently nurture and prioritize my well-being. This includes regular physical exercise, mental health practices like meditation or mindfulness, and spiritual activities that connect me with a deeper sense of self and the world.

By maintaining holistic health practices, I create a strong foundation upon which all other aspects of my life can thrive.

Purpose & Mission: My Compass

My purpose or mission is my guiding star. It involves understanding my role in the world and engaging in work that is meaningful and positively impacts myself, society, and the planet. I strive for a career and personal projects that resonate with my values, not those that harm society or the environment.

This purpose-driven approach ensures that my professional life is not just a job, but a calling that fulfills and satisfies me on a deeper level.

Relationships & Community: My Support Network

Finally, the most important; nurturing conscious and positive relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners forms an essential part of my vision. These relationships are not just an addition to my life; they are integral to it, offering support, growth, and joy. I aim to foster connections that are mutually enriching, where everyone thrives and evolves together.

By prioritizing my health and purpose/mission first, I can engage in my relationships wholly and authentically, bringing the best of myself to those I care about, healthy, optimistic and resourceful.

My coaching and frameworks have helped many clients create and connect to their very own unique guiding priorities, manifestos and more. If you're tired of endless talking, without practical steps that bring about transformation then let's connect.

Tired of endless talking?

My coaching goes beyond just listening and asking powerful questions. I provide exercises and tools to help you create your very own Life OS. These tools and frameworks have empowered many to develop and connect to their own unique guiding principles, priorities and personal manifestos.If you're ready for actionable steps that lead to real change, let's connect.

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