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Some of the best and notable podcasts from the fields of mental health, psychedelic medicine and the science driving their inevitable resurgence.

Minority Trip Report

Minority Trip Report™ (MTR), hosted by Raad Seraj, is a podcast that highlights personal transformation stories and features under-represented leaders in the fields of mental health, psychedelics, and consciousness. It's a platform dedicated to bringing diverse voices and perspectives to the forefront.

The Psychedelic Podcast

The Psychedelic Wave,' presented by Third Wave, invites listeners to explore the intriguing world of psychedelics. The podcast features engaging discussions with experts, delving into the effects of psychedelics on health, wellness, and societal transformation. Catering to both newcomers and experienced psychonauts, each episode offers insightful perspectives on the profound influence of these substances.

The Awaken Podcast

The Awaken Podcast hosted by Natasja Pelgrom explores profound topics of self-discovery, conscious leadership, psychedelics and spirituality. After a hiatus, Natasja returns with fresh insights and a renewed purpose. Natasja's guiding quote, "The work is rewarded by the gifts you receive in silence," sets the tone for this new transformative journey. Tune in for actionable insights, authentic connection, and a path to empowerment.

Business Trip

Business Trip is a podcast that narrates the pioneering journey of businesses in the mental health and wellness sector. Each episode showcases the experiences of founders, investors, and researchers involved in psychedelics, neurotechnology, metabolic psychiatry, digital therapeutics, and other innovative areas.

Medicine Stories

This podcast delves into the mythic journeys of self-discovery through interviews with herbalists, story keepers, ancestral listeners, consciousness explorers, and earth dreamers. It emphasizes the power of story as medicine, the reality of magic, and the boundless nature of healing, offering a rich tapestry of wisdom from diverse wise folk.


This podcast focuses on the intriguing interplay of psychedelics, plant medicine, spirituality, mindset, and soul destiny. It offers listeners a deep dive into how these elements intertwine and influence our journeys towards personal and spiritual growth.

The Microdose

Explore the world of psychedelics with this spin-off podcast from 'The James Xander Trip.' It dives into the power of shrooms, Ayahuasca, LSD, DMT, and more, discussing soul lessons, self-improvement, and destiny. Learn how plant medicines can broaden our minds and deepen our connection to ourselves.

Psychedelic Passage

This podcast, hosted by professional psychedelic guides Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen, addresses the growing awareness of the healing power of psychedelics and the need for effective usage. They are dedicated to helping others have intentional psychedelic experiences and positively shape the facilitation landscape. The show offers tips, best practices, and answers to common questions about safely using psychedelics for meaningful personal change.

Psychedelics Today

Psychedelics Today is a leader in the realm of psychedelic education, media, and advocacy. They offer comprehensive coverage on the latest developments in psychedelics, ranging from scientific discoveries to academic theories, philosophical viewpoints, and cultural impacts. As a trusted source, they connect various fields and perspectives, providing a rich, diverse understanding of the psychedelic landscape.

The Psychedelic Frontiers Podcast

Hosted by Ben Clayden, a Neuroscience student and president of the Psychedelics in Medicine Society, this podcast features interviews with leading academics to examine the future of psychedelic and alternative drug therapies. It offers insightful explorations into the evolving fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, and biochemistry, as once-illicit substances make their way into medical research and practice.

Psychedelic Conversations

The Psychedelic Conversations Podcast brings together experts to discuss serotonergic hallucinogens and their transformative potential. This platform aims to overcome stigma, foster progress, and delve into deep conversations about altered perceptions, cognition, and mystical experiences, offering listeners a comprehensive view of the psychedelic experience.

Modern Psychedelics

Modern Psychedelics, hosted by Lana Pribic, is a podcast that delves into the transformative impact of psychedelics in crafting a more meaningful life. The show features grounded discussions on both the therapeutic and recreational aspects of psychedelic use, offering listeners diverse perspectives on these profound experiences.

The Dose Nation

The DoseNation podcast, hosted by James Kent, offers a blend of news and discussions on psychedelics, brain science, consciousness, and spirituality, along with insights into religion, politics, pop culture, and human behavior. This diverse and engaging series provides listeners with a broad perspective on a range of thought-provoking topics.

The Psychedelic Mom

The Psychedelic Mom Podcast, hosted by Michaela Carlin, takes listeners on a journey through love, life, and reality. Joined by experts from various fields, the podcast explores themes of consciousness, spirituality, transformation, and more, offering a pathway to joy and freedom through authentic and healing conversations.

The Stoned Ape's Podcast

The Stoned Ape Reports podcast delves into the healing power of psychedelics, also known as entheogens. In each episode, the host engages in conversation with a 'Stoned Ape' – individuals who have undergone transformative experiences with psychedelics – or with practitioners who work with these powerful medicines.

The Psychedelic Therapy Podcast

Psychedelic Journeys, a conversation series hosted by Eamon Armstrong, engages with leaders in the psychedelic community. Designed for therapists, healers, retreat leaders, and passionate enthusiasts, this series on Maya, a platform dedicated to supporting psychedelic journeys, delves into the cutting-edge of psychedelic therapy intelligence.

Psychedelic Journeys

In Psychedelic Journeys, hosts Julie and Demi explore the transformative power of psychedelics with inspiring guests. This podcast delves into their revolutionary applications, revealing insights and life-changing effects. It's a journey into self-discovery, creativity, and a deeper existence, highlighting diverse perspectives on how psychedelics contribute to human evolution.

Psychedelic Salon

Lorenzo Hagerty's podcast series, running since 2005, showcases interviews and talks focused on psychoactive plants and chemicals. Featuring renowned speakers like Sasha Shulgin, Rick Doblin, and Terence McKenna, it offers rich insights into the psychedelic realm. The podcast covers use, benefits, and research of psychedelics, including engaging discussions with influential figures and veterans in the field.