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Asim’s Good Life Manifesto

Asim Janjua's personal manifesto guides his relationships and responsibilities, nurturing harmony with himself and others.

This manifesto outlines my personal commitments, which guide how I interact with others, individually and collectively. These principles help me navigate life's duties and responsibilities while fostering a sense of unity and harmony with myself, others, nature, and the universe.

1. Make good on knowing yourself

Devote yourself fully to the exploration and understanding of your inner landscape, embrace both the brilliance and shadows of your emotions and spirit. Cultivate a practice of self-reflection that encourages tranquility of the mind through meditation and emotional clarity through journaling. Embrace the path of continuous improvement, recognizing that the path is progress, not perfection. Approach life with a light heart, understanding the importance of laughter and not taking oneself too seriously.

2. Make good on integrity

Uphold integrity in your personal and professional life. Your character is fundamentally judged by your actions and how you honor your commitments. Possessing noble intentions, talents, or charisma holds little value if you lack the integrity to act responsibly and ethically. Life presents many challenges, each with a higher path available, guided by your attitude and actions towards every situation

3. Make good on your word

Make your word in life count. Honor your pledge in every aspect of life. Refrain from making commitments unless you're fully prepared to uphold them. Once a commitment is made, invest wholeheartedly in seeing it through. Should circumstances arise that prevent you from fulfilling your promise, communicate this openly, with courage and humility.

4. Make good on training your body

Vitality blossoms from engaging in physical activity, while serenity enriches the intellect. Engage consistently in dynamic and energetic activities (like sports, running, dance, or yoga) to maintain prime physical health. A vibrant existence, fueled by activity, wards off stagnation and procrastination.

5. Make good on seeking courage

Make extraordinary efforts to see the best and good in all things, it's almost always wiser to do so. In this way the “obstacle becomes the way” and opportunities will appear with much less effort. Have the foresight, self-awareness and courage to not let things outlive their time and cause disservice.

6. Make good on energy derived from momentum

Channel the force of a river—unyielding, directed, and slowly carving its way through the landscape. Act with conviction, lead purposefully, and discern the precise times to flow forward. Consider this energy akin to the river's current: a powerful, natural force that shapes its surroundings, with relentless momentum that nourishes life along its way. Embracing this riverine essence, you navigate past doubts, maintaining openness and resilience. In this form, your potential knows no bounds.

7. Make good on discovering your purpose

Don’t dwell on purpose too much, it's counterproductive. Nor put purpose on an unobtainable pedestal that can not be reached. Simply put, do what you love, and love what you do. Make the choice to be passionate and optimistic about life and your work. Only pursue things and befriend those that bring you joy and growth toward your hearts calling.

8. Make good on being passionate and compassionate

Balance the art of passion and compassion. Like complementary forces, passion fuels ambition and action, while compassion offers foresight and understanding. Sole reliance on passion might result in self-centeredness or insensitivity, potentially neglecting the needs of others. Conversely, overwhelming compassion may lead to over-accommodation, possibly diluting one's inherent assertiveness and needs. Recognizing the value in both dimensions reveals the nuanced truth that each aspect is incomplete without the insight of the other. Achieving a harmonious balance between passion and compassion is the essence of healthy masculine and discerning wisdom, towards momentous existence.

9. Make good on holding space

Nurture the art of holding space in all relationships. This practice embodies the silent and potent language of love. It's about being present without judgment, fostering deeper connections. Holding space for oneself encourages self-compassion and kindness. For others, it deepens compassion and empathy, enhancing human understanding and comprehension. In nature, it expands our cosmic connection, enriching our sense of unity with the natural world.

10. Make good on personal growth

Learn, study and train. Set time aside every day, or at least every week, to learn something new about a subject you already know or one you have an interest in. Learn to actively associate through first principles and mental models. First-principles thinking is one of the best ways to reverse-engineer complicated problems and unleash creativity. While mental models help you understand life and guide your perception and behavior. This works best when supported by the humility and curiosity to learn from others and those that came before you.

11. Make good on your power and position

Be honorable. Embrace your influence and role with dignity. Your deeds are guided by integrity, fairness, and deserving of admiration. Utilize your influence to support and defend those less fortunate. Identify your core values, beliefs and principles, allowing them to guide your choice of conflicts with determination, conviction and clarity.

12. Make good on serving a cause greater than yourself

There's always a cause deserving your dedication. When your own endeavors turn into such a purpose, you'll find the universe rallies support around you, bringing forward those who will champion or co-create your vision. This is a sign of readiness. Being an effective leader begins with mastering the role of a supportive ally. Should the expected support not materialize, consider it an indication of further preparation needed on your part. Leadership demands not just vision but the ability to actively uplift others, a journey that often starts with being an exemplary supporter yourself.

13. Make good on community

I wish to surround myself with people who help me grow, that speak truthfully of things that give me greater faith in humanity—where trust is inherent until proven otherwise. I seek honorable people who lead with excellence. That means they are good with their word, exemplary at what they do, and love what they do. Where there is no separation between living and working. Aligned, authentic and altruistic.

14. Make good on less is more

The complex and simple theory of everything. The art of less is more can not be understated. In communication and in action, at work, and in life. This in itself is life’s work, always happening, always shredding, getting leaner and wiser, and more present in every moment, every day. The only true currency is time and personal freedom – and you are the treasury.

Inspired by my experiences, indigenous ceremonies, the works of Marcus Aurelius, Ram Dass, Viktor Frankl, Phil T. Mistlberger, Eric Martin, Greta Cowan, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sufism, Islam and Buddhism.

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