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Mastering Microdosing by Paul Austin

By Asim Janjua   ✺   Writing  ✺  Book Reviews
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A guide into the practice of microdosing psychedelics, exploring its potential to enhance creativity, mood, and overall well-being.

Mastering Microdosing by Paul Austin


In this book Paul Austin presents a deep exploration into the ancient and modern realms of psychedelic use. The book not only charts the historical journey of these substances across various cultures but also situates them within the contemporary context of mental health and personal development. Austin's narrative weaves through the intricate tapestry of human history, illustrating how psychedelics have been integral to spiritual practices and rites of passage. From the peyote rituals of the Wixárika to the soma of ancient India, and the Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece, the author illuminates the depth and breadth of psychedelic influence on human consciousness.

Austin's work stands out in its ability to articulate the transformative power of psychedelics, particularly microdosing, in a language that resonates with a modern audience. He approaches the topic with a blend of reverence for the ancient wisdom and a critical eye towards contemporary applications, emphasizing the potential of psychedelics to heal trauma, enhance cognitive performance, and foster a deeper connection with life. This book is not merely a historical account; it is a call to reexamine and reintegrate these ancient tools into our modern lives, especially at a time when conventional medicine often falls short in addressing complex mental health issues.


Paul Austin's approach to microdosing, as detailed in the book reflects a deeply personal and transformative journey, emphasizing the development of self-awareness and alignment with personal values and goals. Here are key aspects of his strategy and how it can benefit others:

  1. Personal Transformation through Microdosing: Austin's own experience with microdosing began in 2015 and led to significant personal growth. He credits microdosing with helping him overcome social anxiety, develop greater empathy and compassion, and foster deeper connections in relationships. By addressing his introversion and social anxieties, Austin found that microdosing allowed him to show up as his authentic self, enhancing his interactions and communications​​.
  2. Professional Alignment and Direction: Microdosing helped Austin to reevaluate his relationship with work and productivity. He realized that his drive for performance was rooted in a fear of inadequacy. This introspection guided him to align his professional path with his personal mission, ultimately leading to the creation of Third Wave and Synthesis, a legal psilocybin retreat. This aspect of his journey illustrates how microdosing can aid in achieving clarity about one's true desires and professional direction​​.
  3. Microdosing Protocols and Practices: Austin's book offers a comprehensive guide to microdosing, including protocols, benefits, potential drawbacks, and ways to source psychedelics. It presents a step-by-step approach to developing a personalized microdosing regimen, tailored to individual needs and goals. This includes understanding the legal landscape, finding the right dosage, and integrating microdosing into one's lifestyle for enhanced well-being and creativity​​.

Optimal protocols


  1. Enhanced Self-Awareness: Users can benefit from increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence, similar to Austin's experience. This can lead to improved personal and professional relationships and a deeper understanding of one's motivations and desires.
  2. Professional Growth and Productivity: By following a structured microdosing protocol, users can experience improvements in focus, creativity, and productivity. This can translate into more fulfilling work and better alignment between one's career and personal values.
  3. Personalized Microdosing Plans: Austin's book provides insights into tailoring microdosing practices to fit individual lifestyles and goals. This personalization is key to maximizing the benefits of microdosing in various aspects of life, from mental health to professional development.



Mastering Microdosing by Paul Austin is a compelling narrative that bridges the ancient past and the present future of psychedelic use. Austin meticulously outlines the evolution of psychedelics from sacred rituals to modern therapeutic tools, underscoring their enduring significance in human culture and wellbeing. His exploration of microdosing as a subtle yet powerful practice offers a fresh perspective on how these ancient substances can be integrated into contemporary life for healing and personal growth.

Through this work, Austin not only educates but also challenges the reader to reconceptualize the role of psychedelics, the stigma and misconceptions surrounding these substances, offering a nuanced understanding of their potential benefits. The book is must read for those seeking alternative approaches to mental health and self-improvement, advocating for a balanced and informed use of psychedelics in the quest for a more connected, creative, and conscious life. As society stands at the crossroads of mental health crises and spiritual seeking, Mastering Microdosing is a timely and essential guide, inviting us to rediscover the profound wisdom embedded in these ancient practices.

Author: Paul Austin
Publisher: Houndstooth Press
Publication date: 2022
Pages: 286

Mastering Microdosing

By Paul Austin

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