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Psychedelic Integration by Marc Aixalà

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Marc Aixalà is a therapist and a guide for therapists, researchers, and individuals interested in the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances and their integration.

Psychedelic Integration by Marc Aixalà


"Psychedelic Integration" stands as a pivotal guidebook navigating the delicate terrain of psychedelic experiences and their aftermath. Marc Aixalà brings to light the often-overlooked necessity of integrating these profound encounters into daily life. The book does not merely traverse the psychedelic landscape; it offers a roadmap for weaving the insights gained from these states into the fabric of one's existence.

Aixalà approaches the subject with a rare blend of respect for ancient traditions and a clear-eyed grasp of contemporary therapeutic practices. His voice resonates with the experience, speaking not just to the mind but also to the soul of the reader. The work goes beyond the psychedelic echo chamber, reaching into the core of human experience and growth.



How to integrate a psychedelic experience, ceremony or therapy

If you want to learn more about how to integrate a psychedelic experience, ceremony or therapy with a be sure to download the Micronature plant medicine integration toolkit.

How to integrate a psychedelic experience, ceremony or therapy (with free toolkit)
Just as set and setting in psychedelic experiences determine the type of experience you are likely to have, integration after a psychedelic ceremony is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the experience.


In Psychedelic Integration, Marc Aixalà delivers an essential contribution to the field of psychedelic therapy.

The book serves not just as a compendium of practices but as a beacon for the uncharted territories of the mind that are navigated through psychedelic experiences. Aixalà's commitment to the seamless weaving of profound psychedelic insights into the tapestry of everyday life is palpable throughout the text.The work stands as a clarion call for a deeper understanding of the integration process, urging therapists, practitioners, and individuals alike to recognize the transformative power of psychedelics when coupled with intentional, structured integration.

It is a book that speaks to the times, offering a path forward for the collective journey toward healing and growth.​

Author: Marc Aixalà
Publisher: Synergetic Press
Publication date: 2022
Pages: 410

Psychedelic Integration by Marc Aixalà

By Marc Aixalà

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Psychedelic Integration Toolkit

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