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The Psychedelic Handbook, by Rick Strassman

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A practical guide on the effects, uses, and risks of five commonly used psychedelics: psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, MDMA, and ayahuasca.

The Psychedelic Handbook, by Rick Strassman


Rick Strassman's The Psychedelic Handbook emerges as a meticulous guide into the intricate world of psychedelics, delving into their history, science, and the multifaceted nature of their use. At the outset, Strassman underscores the gravity of approaching psychedelics with due diligence, recognizing both their potential benefits and inherent risks. The handbook distinguishes itself by focusing on a curated list of substances, including psilocybin, LSD, mescaline, and DMT, among others, while explicitly distancing itself from a wider spectrum of psychoactive drugs.

Strassman's tone conveys a sense of urgent responsibility; it's clear that the book is intended as a serious, well-informed compendium for those considering the therapeutic and spiritual avenues opened by these substances. Notably, Strassman’s own multifaceted background—encompassing medical expertise, psychoanalytic experience, and a personal journey through spiritual traditions—lends the book a comprehensive perspective that transcends the purely scientific. His unique blend of clinical knowledge and deep personal insight into the realms of psychology and spirituality paints a picture of a guide written not just by a physician but also by a seasoned explorer of consciousness.

As the conversation around psychedelics shifts from the fringes of medical research to the center of therapeutic innovation, Strassman positions "The Psychedelic Handbook" as an essential compendium. It promises to inform and navigate through the complexities of psychedelic substances, balancing scientific acumen with a compassionate understanding of the human psyche.



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How to integrate a psychedelic experience, ceremony or therapy (with free toolkit)
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The Psychedelic Handbook by Rick Strassman is a beacon of knowledge in the ever-expanding universe of psychedelic substances. Strassman offers a thorough examination that respects the depth and gravity of the subject, providing insights into the therapeutic potentials and the psychospiritual implications of these powerful compounds. His pragmatic approach, coupled with a clear recognition of the risks involved, equips the reader with a balanced perspective.

Strassman's handbook is a crucial resource for anyone navigating the psychedelic landscape, whether they are a novice or an experienced psychonaut. The book stands as an authoritative guide, urging responsible use and encouraging informed, thoughtful engagement with psychedelics. It is an essential read that contributes meaningfully to the contemporary discourse, advocating for a judicious exploration of consciousness through the lens of psychedelic science and wisdom.

Author: Rick Strassman
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 2022
Pages: 224

The Psychedelic Handbook

By Rick Strassman

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